Sunday, April 18, 2010

She's My Reason...

As I sat down to my computer to focus on a topic to write about, I began thinking about how lucky I am to have such an amazing foundation of support under me.

It then struck me like a sack of potatoes (have you ever been hit by a big bag of potatoes? I HAVE - it hurts!): We can't, and rarely will get anywhere in our lives without a strong support system. Think about your own life for a minute... when you're being fed with love, strength, and confidence, how much better do you feel... therefore, allowing for a stronger result? Compare that situation to the times where you've felt alone. Unfortunately, we've all lived in that room - some longer than others, but we've all experienced it's pain. That time feels horrible, as if nothing positive will ever appear in our lives?

To those who are still living that alone existence... my apologies. I wish I could do something for you in this immediate moment. I wish I could take your hand, place the magic solution inside, and make it all go away. In these moments of alone time, flip the switch on it's butt! Use this minute to plant the seed of power... yeah, I said POWER! No one will help you through these difficult days?? (Bleep) them, then! Grow strength from yourself, and the knowledge that you have slowly growing on the inside. Don't know what that specific knowledge is yet? Look yourself in the mirror... no tears or self-pity... and ask. Keep asking until you hear an answer whisper back. Then take crazy, massive action, and use "their" lack of help as fuel to reach your goals. Do it now!

Whoa... didn't know where that apparent passion/frustration came from. Maybe I've felt that way in the past, yeah?

Look around to the people on each side of you. Are they lifting you up or pulling you down? If they're not holding you high, simply let them go. Life's too short to live in the moments of struggle, when it becomes our choice to wake up that way. If you have "friends" who wish you'd simply stay the way you are... say bye bye. It doesn't have to be a rude or angry farewell - consistent silence is just as powerful.

To those friends who are holding you on their shoulders, begging you to reach for that next step... thank them like you've never thanked anyone before. They are why you succeed, and will continue reaching new heights. They look after you, even (especially) when you're not looking. These angels are why you are who you are. Try not to take them for granted. Each moment that drifts by without a subtle head-nod in appreciation is a minute wasted... an occasion missed to acknowledge those who truly make a difference in your life.

Without this support system, we'd be going at it alone, wondering if what we're doing is really making a difference.

This is where I give my gorgeous wife soooo much credit for who I am today! Without her love, support, and assurance that I am doing what I should be doing, I simply wouldn't be doing. She's never, ever said I would fail... or ask me why I'm shooting for such lofty goals. Conversely, she's only said I WILL... I absolutely will achieve everything I'm longing for. Not only does she give me mental and emotional support, she gives me that "look." Those eyes that stare through me, as if to say, "If you don't keep pushing, fighting, and proving... I will hurt you!"

I love her for everything she's taught (and continues to teach) me. She's my shoulder... she's my reason!


Bendigo said...

Great Post...So true about the support system...I have a strong family and we are here for each other...It's good to see that you have benefited from a strong relationship with your wife...Call me crazy but I have a pretty good notion that maybe you are there every step of the way for her too....

Keep doing what you do...

You've made a difference for me that's for sure..Thank you...

Jessica said...

I love your writing! You obviously are talented in your field and your wife and friends know it.
This was great and a great reminder to us all.
Thank you! ~ Jess

Gem said...

A great reminder to look around and give thanks, so thank you! Your posts always keep me focused on my goals, both health and academia related.

I really admire your relationship with your wife as well, it is clear how much you love her. So beautiful :)


Powdered Toast Man said...

This is so true. The last job I had no one supported me (it was a sales job) not my current gf nor my family. It was tough, I did it because I loved it but ultimately did not hit my goals. I had no support!

Very enlightening.

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