Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Get What You Feel, BUT...


Bendigo said...

Great Great Great...You offered up some great advice...I'm sure glad I found your blog..Thanks for what you do :)

Rettakat said...

Loved the video idea! It exudes your passion for the subject.

I totally agree and appreciate what you said. Our feelings are great clues to help us see what we believe... they are the direct result of what we believe to be true.

I know sometimes people will say "I can't help it, that's just the way I feel"... But I don't like to take that kind of victim approach. We CAN influence how we feel, by what we think. Your student is blessed to have you for a coach!

Good stuff!!!

Superfluous Brunette said...

Awesome! And I know this to be true from experience. How I was feeling about myself and about a situation drew in someone and another situation that fed those exact feelings...continuing a pattern. So this is true when it comes to relationships too.
I tell myself this stuff, but I need to really do it. Thanks for the post and keep telling me this!!


Missy said...

Interesting. I understand and get what you are saying and I know that it is true, yet it is something that is difficult to put into practice.

Sandra said...

Love this post! It is so true what our minds are capable of. Your passion on this topic is evident in the video - great job!

I deserve!

Dayne Gingrich said...

It's amazing how consciously focusing on what we're thinking and saying to ourselves makes an immediate change!

The conscious awareness soon becomes unconscious, which is what truly creates our new future!

When you catch yourself "feeling" a way you don't want to... go back and concentrate on what thoughts made you feel that way. Create new thoughts, and you'll immediately create new emotions... allowing for powerful actions and results!